The best video you’ll see today of Storm ripping up wrapping paper on Christmas morning.


It was the best part of his Christmas.

Ninja edit : it appears The Daily Mail in the UK have reported on Storm’s Christmas antics.   There was some concern that consuming wrapping paper was causing him health problems.  Luckily for Storm he doesn’t actually eat the wrapping paper but instead shreds it up and covers the room with his handywork.   He was proud of the mess he made and told me he’d “totally” do it again given the opportunity. He then ran across the room to annoy the cats, and quickly forget about the international incident he’d caused.

The Daily Mail said my name was Mr Allharwi, it’s not.  It’s Andrew but it doesn’t sound as exciting and mysterious.  You made Storm sad by calling me the wrong name.  When Storm is sad it makes me sad and then I eat ice cream but we don’t have any left in the freezer.   What I’m trying to say is I need someone to buy me ice cream.
The article –

Just a normal day at the beach drinking salt water.

Strom was complaining for weeks that we didn’t take him to the dog beach nearby.  As the weather was warming up we decide to bundle him into the car and drive the thirty minutes to the ocean.  He was under strict instructions to  respectful of other dogs at beach, don’t drink the salt water as it fries your brain and not to “disrespect” the water with bodily waste.   He agreed to two our of the three conditions of entry.

We jumped out of the car, released him from the prison that is his leash and let him go.

I won’t bore you with the details, it’s easier just to post a few photos and let you be the judge of the day he had.

Have you ever done anything in your life that’s made you this happy?


Nine out of ten dogs say sticking your tongue out improves stability and makes you look serious when at the beach.


“The water has joined my list of the most favourite things in the entire world.  This list includes every person and object I’ve met in my entire life”


“Why don’t they take me here every day?  I could live here and run all day”


I call this one “preparing to launch”

Storm met God yesterday, her name was Heather.

Something wonderful happened to Storm yesterday. He was sitting at home in the morning. He’d eaten breakfast, barked at the cats for no apparent reason, destroyed one of his stuffed toys and watched as the kids left for school. He’d settled down for a busy morning looking out the window and it appeared this day was turning out just like any other day.

However today something else occurred. Storm had seen cars parked in our driveway over the years, friends or relatives coming over for a visit but this vehicle looked weird. It had a big blue trailer with a dog picture on the outside. Of course Storm assumed this trailer was full of other dogs which were sent here to play with him so he walked outside to see his new friends.


As we can read English we know what the trailer was really for, however it came as a bit of a surprise when he was taken inside the trailer and soaped up after getting covered in water. I didn’t want to ask him if this was one of his fantasies becoming true, it seemed weird to ask and to be honest I didn’t want to know the answer


Have you ever looked this happy in your life?

He loved every moment of the experience of getting a professional wash, in fact he loved it in the exact opposite way he feels when I attempt to keep him clean by dumping him in the bath and then attempting to dry him as he shakes water all over the bathroom walls. Whenever I attempt to wash him we both walk away from the experience feeling like we’d gone into battle and both sides had lost.


“You are a God to me”

Like all good things in life this wonderful experience didn’t continue all day. Before he realised what had happened the wash was over and he was back inside the house in his usual position looking out the window. Only now he felt different, he smelled much cleaner than he did beforehand, it was something he’d have to fix later by rolling around it something disgusting.

Maybe the world is a good place after all, but he wonders when she is coming back?

Footnote : Storm had to wear the ear covering in the below photo while the dryer was working on him.  He is embarrassed about this photo and hope you never see it, but I really needed to post the pic.   You know why.


His ears were safe from the loud noise but his dignity was destroyed in the process.

Please don’t mention you’ve seen this photo, I promised him I’d deleted the pic from my camera.