The best video you’ll see today of Storm ripping up wrapping paper on Christmas morning.


It was the best part of his Christmas.

Ninja edit : it appears The Daily Mail in the UK have reported on Storm’s Christmas antics.   There was some concern that consuming wrapping paper was causing him health problems.  Luckily for Storm he doesn’t actually eat the wrapping paper but instead shreds it up and covers the room with his handywork.   He was proud of the mess he made and told me he’d “totally” do it again given the opportunity. He then ran across the room to annoy the cats, and quickly forget about the international incident he’d caused.

The Daily Mail said my name was Mr Allharwi, it’s not.  It’s Andrew but it doesn’t sound as exciting and mysterious.  You made Storm sad by calling me the wrong name.  When Storm is sad it makes me sad and then I eat ice cream but we don’t have any left in the freezer.   What I’m trying to say is I need someone to buy me ice cream.
The article –

Some days a Golden Retriever is not as ridiculously photogenic as other days


The calm before the Storm (pardon the pun)   We’ve just received a nice wash at the local dog wash and things are looking good, Storm cannot see anything bad happening today. He smells like roses.


If this is what it takes to be dry then I guess I don’t have a choice. Just a friendly reminder that I don’t want any photographs of this incident.  I’ve got a reputation to uphold.


Just because this hair dryer makes me look like a ferret does not make it ok.


This is the look of submission and sad acceptance of what is happening to me.


If you keep doing this then I’m going to bite it. I can do that whenever I want but normally I’m polite enough to keep my teeth to myself, but you need to remember that everybody has breaking point.


If this photo goes on the internet then I’m leaving


I just need to put it on the records that this day did not turn out as I originally planned.  Of all the bad things that could have occurred today then this was not in the list.  Now it is number one on the list but as I’m a Golden Retriever then it’s also my favourite thing. Can we please do it again?