Getting in touch with your inner dog.



Some days it’s good to sit back and enjoy the world.  There is nothing better than standing on the edge of a lake at dusk and look around at the beautiful world around us.  It is annoying that the ducks don’t want to play with me, I understand their fear but for once I’d like for them to waddle over and just say hello.  I saw a fish in the water, he saw me and swam away. Why do they do this to me?  I mean no harm to anybody, I want to be their friends.

I enjoy the feeling of the wind blowing in my face, the different smells near the water and the feeling you get when you realise even when things are not going your own way you still know everything is going to be ok.

I deserve this, I am Storm and I am the master of my world.  I’m not sure what do to next, but I will think of something.

Just a normal day at the beach drinking salt water.

Strom was complaining for weeks that we didn’t take him to the dog beach nearby.  As the weather was warming up we decide to bundle him into the car and drive the thirty minutes to the ocean.  He was under strict instructions to  respectful of other dogs at beach, don’t drink the salt water as it fries your brain and not to “disrespect” the water with bodily waste.   He agreed to two our of the three conditions of entry.

We jumped out of the car, released him from the prison that is his leash and let him go.

I won’t bore you with the details, it’s easier just to post a few photos and let you be the judge of the day he had.

Have you ever done anything in your life that’s made you this happy?


Nine out of ten dogs say sticking your tongue out improves stability and makes you look serious when at the beach.


“The water has joined my list of the most favourite things in the entire world.  This list includes every person and object I’ve met in my entire life”


“Why don’t they take me here every day?  I could live here and run all day”


I call this one “preparing to launch”

That important discussion all dog owners need to have.

It’s twelve months today since Storm came home from the breeder.   The little puppy that bounced into the house in a cardboard box has now grown into an adult dog with big feet and a boof head.  He’s adjusted to the household well, and takes part in our daily activities.   He’s now a major part of our family, always standing in the background of all family events, asking for a piece of birthday cake or just comforting one of us with a head lean when we are having a bad day.

Golden Retriver with a stupid hat

I think it’s time to have that discussion with Storm that all pet owners need to have.  I don’t know if he’s comprehended the situation and noticed the differences between us and himself so I’ll ask you then question.  Do you think we should tell him he’s adopted?