Our dog is a hero and we owe him our life.


We were saved by a vicious attack today, and of course Storm was the one true hero who saved us from a horrific death. We didn’t know we were under attack until Storm alerted us to the threat and luckily we are alive due to his actions.

We were sitting in the house when we heard barking outside. Barking dogs are always annoying, and the sound was frustrating me until I realised the barking was coming for our dog and not someone else’s. After going outside we found Storm’s eyes locked on to the threat as he gave it his “stay away” bark.

You’d think he had cornered a burglar? Maybe a vicious stray dog? No, he’d found a plastic bag that was stuck to the fence. In his mind this particular plastic bag was about to attack everybody in our household and only he could save us.

Our family sleeps soundly tonight, thank you Storm.

Warning : This blog post shows a naked dog in a bathtub.


Look into the eyes of Storm. You will not see the excitement of a dog that had a good day, instead you will see regret and concern at how his day turned bad so quickly. Most people enjoy the refreshing feeling after bathing, however Storm just feels disappointed that all those wonderful scents he managed to cover himself with today after his walk have now disappeared and instead he smells like a wet blanket.

Past victories are long forgotten, the world is dark and depressing place. One day Storm will learn to love again. Not today.

I know he’ll get over this setback in his life, but for now he’s just unhappy and doesn’t understand how he ended up in a bath of warm water.

Even after the bath life has not improved for Storm.  Why did his day end so poorly?

Even after the bath life has not improved for Storm. Why did his day end so poorly?

He doesn’t know it,  but he now smells like flowers.  He’d be horrified to know, so we won’t say a word.  I don’t want to make him more depressed.