Our dog is a hero and we owe him our life.


We were saved by a vicious attack today, and of course Storm was the one true hero who saved us from a horrific death. We didn’t know we were under attack until Storm alerted us to the threat and luckily we are alive due to his actions.

We were sitting in the house when we heard barking outside. Barking dogs are always annoying, and the sound was frustrating me until I realised the barking was coming for our dog and not someone else’s. After going outside we found Storm’s eyes locked on to the threat as he gave it his “stay away” bark.

You’d think he had cornered a burglar? Maybe a vicious stray dog? No, he’d found a plastic bag that was stuck to the fence. In his mind this particular plastic bag was about to attack everybody in our household and only he could save us.

Our family sleeps soundly tonight, thank you Storm.

I should be worried.

I was watching a documentary tonight about African lions who see a weak zebra with a limp and they target it for their dinner. I didn’t think anything of it until I stood up and limped to the kitchen to get a glass of water and noticed Storm was taking an interest in my temporary disability. He was watching the program with me so I guess he’ll get a few ideas and attempt to take me down.

Might be best if I close the bedroom door tonight just in case?

Our dog has proclaimed a new National Holiday. Please adjust your celebrations accordingly.

The innocent victim.

The innocent victim.

Pretty sure Storm just had the best day of his life yet again. These seem to happen quiet a lot lately but as he’s excitable I suppose it’s acceptable. We were sitting in the lounge room which faces the street and he just saw the garbage truck stop and pick up our garbage bin as he was looking out the window.

Anybody who lives in suburbia knows this is a common occurrence but if you are a Golden Retriever this simple act of rubbish removal is the most incredible event to have ever occurred in your life.

Storm told me about it later on and couldn’t hold his excitement. According to him the truck stopped out the front of our house as it was making a grunting noise. It just sat there for a few seconds and Storm thought the truck could see him thought the window. He was a little frightened so sat silently and watched what would happen next. Suddenly the “claw of death” flung out from the truck and violently tried to strangle the rubbish bin. They both fought for a short time and shock from side to side, but the claw finally won the battle. Without warning the claw of death flung the bin up above it’s head in some sort of dominate behaviour and ate the entire contents of the bin as it was flipped upside down in a show of embarrassment which was helpless against such a powerful attack.

Once the truck had finished disrespecting the rubbish bin it was simply dropped on the ground and moved along the road as it consumed the contents of the bins along the street. Storm was impressed by the actions of the truck and hasn’t stopped talking about this event all day.

He couldn’t contain his excitement and nearly exploded when I mentioned that this strange event occurs every Thursday (excluding public holidays) Therefore after talking to Storm we are proud to proclaim today the “Best day in the world” because of the events that occurred out the front of our house. This new official day will last until next Thursday which will also be the best day in his life when the garbage truck will return and repeat this event.

This is your official notice, please update your scheduled to take note of this new day. We will attempt to make Thursdays an official Public Holiday but are having a few legal issues with local Government officials who don’t want us in their office to discuss such a new and important celebration.

They just don’t know the simple things in life, like the day when the garbage truck comes past your house. They don’t know what they are missing.

Everybody knows garbage day is not on a Thursday for everybody. I would tell Storm this but I doubt he’d understand. It can be our secret.