It’s difficult to communicate when you speak a different laungage to your enemy.

You’ll meow at me therefore I’ll bark at you so you’ll turn around and meow at me so I’ll bark in relataiton but you’ll then meow to show you are more powerful but I’ll show you how louder I am by barking so you’ll then speak your mind by meowing so I’ll bark back and you are an idiot and I hate you.

The end.

The day our dog turned into a cat.


Look at the photo. To you it looks like our dog Storm is locked away in the laundry while the cat looks on in disgust. They make eye contact, you ask yourself what they are thinking? You ask why we lock the dog away like that in a small room but let the cat free run of the house? That would be a good question if you are quick to make judgements about others. But you are not judgemental.

Look at the photo carefully.

If you do this you would notice two things that will make you change your mind about the situation. The first discrepancy between your theory and the truth is the size of the swing door. It’s obvious when you notice but it would be very difficult for a dog to fit through that door on a regular basis. You notice I didn’t use the word “impossible”… just difficult.  I didn’t think he could possibility fit through the cat door. I was wrong. 

The second hint about the truth to this incident is the cat food bowls that are behind the door, in the same area as the dog. You may ask yourself why we feed our dog out of cat bowls? If you do that you’ve completely missed the point of what has occurred here.

I don’t know exactly what occurred before I walked into the laundry to take this photo but I’ll tell you what I do know.

I know it was Storm”s fault, he knows that he is not allowed into the laundry because he does not respect the boundaries of others. He also does not respect the food of others.

I know that I heard barking from the other room, and when I investigated I found this.

I know that Storm just stood there like an idiot when I found him, he made no attempt to walk back out through the cat door because he didn’t want to do it in front of me in case I discovered his secret.

I also know that Storm cannot read, if he could read he would have seen the box the gate came in, it was clearly marked as having a “cat door”. The purpose is in the name, it’s not a dog door as that would be a completely different product and wouldn’t have caused him to be stuck in the laundry.

We are lucky Storm does not play console computer games with the kids, he would try putting a Xbox game into a PlayStation console then bark at the TV for three hours because it didn’t work.

I’m certain the food bowl was full before the trespasser gained access. Luckily a small amount of cat food won’t harm a dog, cat food is higher in protein and fat and lower in zinc and vitamin E. Cat food also contains taurine, I’ve got no idea what that is as I had to Google possible side effects in case Storm exploded later today and that fun fact came up.


Storm has now retired to the lounge room for a quick nap. He feels no guilt and is unconcerned with the the cat who has now missed a meal.

He sleeps soundly with a full stomach.

Life is good.