It’s difficult to communicate when you speak a different laungage to your enemy.

You’ll meow at me therefore I’ll bark at you so you’ll turn around and meow at me so I’ll bark in relataiton but you’ll then meow to show you are more powerful but I’ll show you how louder I am by barking so you’ll then speak your mind by meowing so I’ll bark back and you are an idiot and I hate you.

The end.

A video of a dog dreaming about destruction (I’m pretty sure thats what is happening)

We all sleep, and we all dream. Dogs also dream and i bet you $20 and a cup of coffee Storm is dreaming about murdering the plants in our garden. He barks at them as he viciously rips them apart and disregards the corps on the lawn.

The only question I have is whether this was a happy dream or a nightmare?

I know how much he hates those plants, and i know he woke up with a smile on his face.

Sorry for the dark video.