10,000 years of domestication and this is the result.


I don’t think he minds that much, in fact I think Storm is quiet happy at the way things turned out.





Why don’t people take me seriously?

I think I’m a normal dog, doing normal dog things.  Why don’t humans appreciate me for the deep thinking dog that I know I am. Maybe I’m sending the wrong message with my actions and the way I act in public?  No, it’s everybody else that’s wrong.  Not me.


I think I better start working on myself, can someone give me a makeover?



I was just told some distressing news.

We moved house a few months ago, and obviously moved Storm and our cat with us. My wife just informed me that since we moved house she has never had to empty the cat litter tray of, um….”kitty candy”.

I discovered this news after we watched Storm look intently into the other room as the cat needed some private time to dispose of her bodily waste.  I didn’t understand the fascination until my wife told me the sad but true fact he walks in afterwards and eats the contents.

I’ve decided two things from this news.  Firstly I cannot look him in the eyes without thinking about what he does and secondly I now understand why he sometimes has bad breath.

For your own protection I’ve decided not to include a photograph with this post.  You know why.

I have a Facebook page. Have a look and give me validation for my narcissism.

I’ve noticed humans have Facebook pages. I don’t understand what it’s all about but since nobody is home I’ve decided to borrow a laptop and create my own.  It’s all about me as I am Stormageddon and you must worship me.


Have a look before the humans discover what I’ve done.

It’s difficult to look majestic when you’re having fun at the beach.

Storm went to the beach today. In the car he told us he had every intention of acting majestic and regal, however three minutes after arriving the below photo was the result.


On the way home he denied making such a claim, but a friend snapped a photo so we have proof.  Storm refuses to look at the photo and at the moment we aren’t talking to each other.

Some days you just want to spend the day on the couch in your pyjamas but also want to hunt Pokemon

Storm doesn’t understand what Pokemon is. Storm doesn’t have an iPhone.  Storm has spend the last week walking around our suburb with his human brothers as they hunt Pokemon on their phones.


He’s walked long distances  in the hope of catching one, although he knows he will never succeed Storm is happy because he’s outside and seeing the world.  Life is good.

Storm is not the centre of attention, and he doesn’t like it.

Storm wanted to tell his side of the story after a recent media incident involving our household. After moving to our temporary rental while our new home is getting built we found a shopping trolley in our backyard. I contacted the owners of the trolly on social media. in at attempt to resolve the issue.


Storm saw what was happening and decided he needed to be in on the action. He demanded to be included in one of the photos as he “is so incredibly awesome the world needs to see me” so I obliged.


He made me take the photo twenty times before he had the correct pose.  Apparently he was going for “fierce and dependable” and he walked away happy.

We had to take some more photos, and he stood by in support which was nice.

I posted the article and stood back while the internet exploded. Of course the shopping trolley was returned to it’s rightful owner and I thought everything was sorted but then the media started publishing the story. This is when things turned bad.  Storm read the articles and was devastated that he was not the centre of discussion.  He is really annoyed with journalists because they missed the “most important part of this story” which was him.

I’ve tried keeping him away from the computer for a few days until this story goes away, but I doubt he will calm down. We had an intervention for him today and had a long talk about the situation, we explained that things occur in the world that don’t involve him but he just looked at us blankly until the cat walked past.  Last time we saw him he was running around after the cat trying his best to explain why he is so important and how the media could underplay his role in major world events.  The cat didn’t care.

7 News article.

Daily Mail article

Huffington Post article

The “Free Trevor” Facebook page. (not my page, not sure who set it up)

Original Facebook post 

Have a look for yourself at the response from the media.  Storm told me it should mention him in the headline, at least one every paragraph and include a photo of him at least twice in each article doing something heroric and statesman like.

I told him life does not work that way, but he doesn’t understand.



This is the photo that started it.