It’s difficult to look majestic when you’re having fun at the beach.

Storm went to the beach today. In the car he told us he had every intention of acting majestic and regal, however three minutes after arriving the below photo was the result.


On the way home he denied making such a claim, but a friend snapped a photo so we have proof.  Storm refuses to look at the photo and at the moment we aren’t talking to each other.

Some days you just want to spend the day on the couch in your pyjamas but also want to hunt Pokemon

Storm doesn’t understand what Pokemon is. Storm doesn’t have an iPhone.  Storm has spend the last week walking around our suburb with his human brothers as they hunt Pokemon on their phones.


He’s walked long distances  in the hope of catching one, although he knows he will never succeed Storm is happy because he’s outside and seeing the world.  Life is good.