Why don’t people take me seriously?

I think I’m a normal dog, doing normal dog things.  Why don’t humans appreciate me for the deep thinking dog that I know I am. Maybe I’m sending the wrong message with my actions and the way I act in public?  No, it’s everybody else that’s wrong.  Not me.


I think I better start working on myself, can someone give me a makeover?



I was just told some distressing news.

We moved house a few months ago, and obviously moved Storm and our cat with us. My wife just informed me that since we moved house she has never had to empty the cat litter tray of, um….”kitty candy”.

I discovered this news after we watched Storm look intently into the other room as the cat needed some private time to dispose of her bodily waste.  I didn’t understand the fascination until my wife told me the sad but true fact he walks in afterwards and eats the contents.

I’ve decided two things from this news.  Firstly I cannot look him in the eyes without thinking about what he does and secondly I now understand why he sometimes has bad breath.

For your own protection I’ve decided not to include a photograph with this post.  You know why.

I have a Facebook page. Have a look and give me validation for my narcissism.

I’ve noticed humans have Facebook pages. I don’t understand what it’s all about but since nobody is home I’ve decided to borrow a laptop and create my own.  It’s all about me as I am Stormageddon and you must worship me.


Have a look before the humans discover what I’ve done.