Storm is not the centre of attention, and he doesn’t like it.

Storm wanted to tell his side of the story after a recent media incident involving our household. After moving to our temporary rental while our new home is getting built we found a shopping trolley in our backyard. I contacted the owners of the trolly on social media. in at attempt to resolve the issue.


Storm saw what was happening and decided he needed to be in on the action. He demanded to be included in one of the photos as he “is so incredibly awesome the world needs to see me” so I obliged.


He made me take the photo twenty times before he had the correct pose.  Apparently he was going for “fierce and dependable” and he walked away happy.

We had to take some more photos, and he stood by in support which was nice.

I posted the article and stood back while the internet exploded. Of course the shopping trolley was returned to it’s rightful owner and I thought everything was sorted but then the media started publishing the story. This is when things turned bad.  Storm read the articles and was devastated that he was not the centre of discussion.  He is really annoyed with journalists because they missed the “most important part of this story” which was him.

I’ve tried keeping him away from the computer for a few days until this story goes away, but I doubt he will calm down. We had an intervention for him today and had a long talk about the situation, we explained that things occur in the world that don’t involve him but he just looked at us blankly until the cat walked past.  Last time we saw him he was running around after the cat trying his best to explain why he is so important and how the media could underplay his role in major world events.  The cat didn’t care.

7 News article.

Daily Mail article

Huffington Post article

The “Free Trevor” Facebook page. (not my page, not sure who set it up)

Original Facebook post 

Have a look for yourself at the response from the media.  Storm told me it should mention him in the headline, at least one every paragraph and include a photo of him at least twice in each article doing something heroric and statesman like.

I told him life does not work that way, but he doesn’t understand.



This is the photo that started it.