How do I make the right choice?

Storm has returned to the vets with clear instructions to “get this stupid cone away from my head”.  I agree with him that it’s annoying to wear when walking through doorways and other confined spaces however we are all aware of the obvious comic effect wearing the cone has.


i quietly mentioned to him that we might leave it on for a few extra weeks just so everybody else can get a good laugh so he started taking about our carpet and how bad it would be if he had an “accident”

I suppose it better cone off today.


Edit :

Today was a sad day for Storm.  We returned home from the vet with the cone still in place.


He’s not impressed with the day’s developments but we can’t argue with the recommendations of the vet.  Storm disagrees, but he’s dressed up like a lampshade so his opinion is not as important.


20 thoughts on “How do I make the right choice?

  1. So Storm has his day now. I am wondering that Storm could hear and see better now with that radar disk on; or his commanding voice could broadcast to a longer distance with that blow-horn on. Still needing to find out what the cause at this moment, I wish Storm and the family well.

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  2. Poor Storm. Hope this doesn’t mean he’s got an infection in the wound. We were given a cone for Maggie when she had her op in December, but we never needed to use it. I covered her with a towel when she was lying down, and she left her wound (armpit to groin) alone. Of course it helped that we are with her 24/7. Never mind Storm. It’ll come off soon sweetheart. ❤


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