This is a bad development in the world of Storm.

They gave me a pink cone of shame. A PINK ONE!!!!  Storm the vicious killing machine cannot be taken seriously when I look like a flower.  This is a really bad week for me, firstly they removed my testicles and now they dress me up like a garden decoration.


Why do bad things happen to good dogs?


6 thoughts on “This is a bad development in the world of Storm.

  1. Though the surgery mostly causes discomfort and inconvenience in addition to the money drain, Storm has joined the majority in some parts of the dog world. The pink protective gear around Storm’s neck might show that Storm is not on the side of Kylo Ren, and Storm is really different from a regular Stormtrooper; definitely, never choose a dark color protective gear. I am not sure I would choose the Yoda color either.

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  2. elizasemporium says:

    Oh poor Storm. We hope you get better soon. But you do look really cute in your pink necklace and we think if you can wear pink with dignity it makes you a real butch dog. Bruce and Barney sympathize with you and send you lots of doggy hugs

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