The face of death and destruction

The photo you see here is the face of death.  As you can see the brave warrior has successfully hunted and killed it’s prey and is now enjoy the spoils of war.  Be warned anybody who tries to cross this fierce creature as he’s capable of such acts.  Many have tried fighting him  in battle in the past but have not lived to tell the tale.  Many have fallen for the smiling dog, but behind those eyes is a cold blooded killer.  This is your final warning that a warrior is here, and he means business.  This frightening scary animal is also thankful for our local butcher for having a few spare bones sitting around that he could have.  He’s very grateful and appreciative .



Editors note : The above text  was written by Storm, therefore I cannot vouch for it’s accuracy.  I won’t tell him it’s just a bone, some fairy tales need to stand the test of time and I don’t want to disappoint him and his weird illusions of self worth.

Don’t be deceived by the smile of a Golden Retriever.

After a trip to IKEA today Storm has a new friend. It’s an interesting interpretation of the word “friend” as past experiences of his toy ownership shows.

Yes, they the normally start out close, but after he starts ripping off their ears and gouging out their eyes his new friend normally reconsiders the friendship.

Enjoy your life stuffed Golden Retriever plush toy, it’s likely your last weeks of life because your new owner is a psychopath you enjoys your suffering…..and your stuffing.