How come Storm can do this so easily?

When I wake up for work most mornings at 2:00am I’ll be a blathering mess for the first 30 minutes as I attempt to transition from asleep to awake.  Just think of a stroke victim stumbling around the house with a bit of dribble coming out of their mouth while preparing breakfast. Yep, that’s me.

However Storm will see the door open and wake up straight away as soon as I walk out. It seems he can go from completely asleep to completely awake in less than one second. It’s distressing for me because he throws me a tennis ball but I’m still so comatosed I start eating it, thinking he passed me a delicious apple.

What’s his secret to waking up so easily?


6 thoughts on “How come Storm can do this so easily?

  1. Oshie is the same way. When he wakes up he is AWAKE but he can also fall asleep whenever he wants. Like the I can’t keep my eyes open any longer fall asleep haha. Even if he has just woken up from a long nap.


  2. I’m convinced dogs have an automated on/off switch when they are a pup. How elese can they be charging around one second and flopped out the next? Each time they wake up from a nap, it’s a new day to them. That’s also probaby why they ‘age’ 7 times faster than us. Wouldn’t be without them though.


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