Don’t be deceived by the smile of a Golden Retriever.

After a trip to IKEA today Storm has a new friend. It’s an interesting interpretation of the word “friend” as past experiences of his toy ownership shows.

Yes, they the normally start out close, but after he starts ripping off their ears and gouging out their eyes his new friend normally reconsiders the friendship.

Enjoy your life stuffed Golden Retriever plush toy, it’s likely your last weeks of life because your new owner is a psychopath you enjoys your suffering…..and your stuffing.



7 thoughts on “Don’t be deceived by the smile of a Golden Retriever.

  1. elizasemporium says:

    Oh look at the eyes of adoration in the new IKEA dog. He’s going to be sadly mistaken if he thinks this is a long term friendship. But at least he has a friend (for now). Maybe Storm will let him stay for a while…in one piece that is. Mind you maybe it’s your fault for letting him think he is a big tough killing machine…..

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      • elizasemporium says:

        Oh poor Storm let him believe he is king…for a few hours. I always let my dogs think they are cock of the north for a little while then I point out I’m alpha in our house. Victim!!!!!

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