That day we strapped a GoPro camera to Storm.

It started out as a simple task.  Strap a GoPro camera to Storm and let him run around for a bit.  It worked really well until he decided he didn’t like the camera so decided to dispose of his problem.  What you will see in this video is two minutes and fifty one seconds of sheer terror for the GoPro camera when it was lost and alone in the wilderness of the local school oval.

Did we ever find the GoPro? For the purposes of mystery and intrigue I will not answer that question.  Instead I’ll make you watch the video however I doubt you’ll thank me as the majority of it is not very interesting.


Please don’t laugh at his floppy ears when he runs, he’s very sensitive about how they bounce around.   I think they are hilarious but haven’t told him….neither should you.

Anatomy of a monster.

You can see from these photos how Storm starts out nice and happy but quickly brings out his teeth so he can devour his next victim.   This time his victim is an innocent toy, but next time it could be you. It’s impossible to feel safe knowing such a creature walks the planet the some time as you.

Processed with MOLDIV

A killing machine in action.

How come Storm can do this so easily?

When I wake up for work most mornings at 2:00am I’ll be a blathering mess for the first 30 minutes as I attempt to transition from asleep to awake.  Just think of a stroke victim stumbling around the house with a bit of dribble coming out of their mouth while preparing breakfast. Yep, that’s me.

However Storm will see the door open and wake up straight away as soon as I walk out. It seems he can go from completely asleep to completely awake in less than one second. It’s distressing for me because he throws me a tennis ball but I’m still so comatosed I start eating it, thinking he passed me a delicious apple.

What’s his secret to waking up so easily?