I decided to fake my own death today.

Today I decided to fake my own death. I didn’t planned it beforehand but I was home alone so I thought I’d give it a go and see the result. I’m not running away from my life or anything exciting like that, but I did want to know what Storm would do if I dropped dead in front of him.

Storm the dog wearing sunglasses

So I made a weird grunting noise and collapsed onto the floor. I’ve never died before so I didn’t really know how realistic my death was but it made Storm look around.

Google is full of stories of heroic Golden Retrieves who save their owners life when they are injured or sick. They bark loudly to get the attention of other people to assist, operate the telephone to call an ambulance or perform a quick but slightly unprofessional appendix removal.

Tennis ball - a dogs best friend

This was Storm’s moment to shine., he noticed my distress looked around the room, spotted a tennis ball then proceeded to drop it near my dead corpse. I don’t know much about advanced medical care, but I know enough to know any respectable doctor would not find this an appropriate treatment technique.

On the bright side I think Storm thought he was helping, and in the off chance I reanimated he could play some really cool zombie fetch.



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