Storm’s life will change drastically very soon, but we are afraid to tell him why.

We received a letter in the mail today. Storm can’t read so he has no idea his life will change soon. He’ll look at the world a little differently after the 20th of April, he will be a little less angry and take a larger interest in movies where people talk about their feelings.  Girls won’t hold the same facinsation and he will no longer awkwardly sit in the corner of the room cleaning a certain body part as onlookers look on horrified.

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not?


Please don’t tell him when this will occur,  it’s best if he doesn’t know.

The horrible reality when friendships fall apart.


The sad sight I witnessed today. 

Storm and Bear were good friends. Storm would carry around his bear everywhere. They would sit in the corner and have long discussions with each other about world politics or gender equality then retire to the dining room for a quick lunch. They were joined at the hip and were never apart. Of course like any new friend who you have nothing in common with they grew apart and starting seeing other toys.

Bear was cast aside as they didn’t have the same excitement in their friendship that they previously did. It was disappointing to see him sitting outside today passed out on the lawn, hiding his face from the world. He doesn’t understand why Storm doesn’t like him anymore, he doesn’t understand why Storm decided to rip his stuffing out of his neck and he’s sad he was forced to sleep outside last night in the rain.


Storm and Bear in better times.  They were having a conversation on the existential crisis facing dogs and bears in modern times when they discover they are not invincible.

I picked him up and carried him inside. Storm saw me walk inside with his former friend but just looked away.

Sometime it hurts to lose a friend, and it’s harder when the friend doesn’t notice.