Getting in touch with your inner dog.



Some days it’s good to sit back and enjoy the world.  There is nothing better than standing on the edge of a lake at dusk and look around at the beautiful world around us.  It is annoying that the ducks don’t want to play with me, I understand their fear but for once I’d like for them to waddle over and just say hello.  I saw a fish in the water, he saw me and swam away. Why do they do this to me?  I mean no harm to anybody, I want to be their friends.

I enjoy the feeling of the wind blowing in my face, the different smells near the water and the feeling you get when you realise even when things are not going your own way you still know everything is going to be ok.

I deserve this, I am Storm and I am the master of my world.  I’m not sure what do to next, but I will think of something.

4 thoughts on “Getting in touch with your inner dog.

  1. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover says:

    When our dog Moe sits and contemplates life we know he is just trying to come up with some new type of trouble to get into. Hopefully Storm is more Zen.

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  2. elizasemporium says:

    Enjoy the moment Storm, tomorrow you can get into mischief because your inner self will be renewed from this moment of communing with nature. I’m sure the ducks wanted to be your friend but probably thought you were so big and they don’t know you are cuddly, give them another chance.

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