We tried doing the right thing for our dog, but as usual it backfired.


According to the internet dogs love eating watermelon. It’s always fun watching videos of dogs eating them so I thought I’d spoil Storm as it’s really warmed up in Australia at the moment and I assumed he’d appreciate a cool and refreshing treat.

He was sitting in his usual position at our feet in the kitchen as we were cutting up the watermelon, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when we handed him a piece. His face opened up into a huge smile as he gulped down his new treat.

Then the taste hit him. He went from a dog who has having the best day of his life to a dog who had been tricked by his owners into eating poison. He took a few chews of the watermelon then his face froze in disbelief. I’ve read the resulting police statement and Storm claims that we deceived him with a red product which he assumed a fresh kill that I had hunted for him, but instead was a horrible mushy product that was not worthy of his time.

He couldn’t chew but he couldn’t spit it out either. His brain didn’t know what to do, it just sat in his mouth and slowly started to dribble onto the floor as Storm sat there with a look of disbelief and hurt on his face.

I did a bit of reading after the event and found a rather disturbing quote “…that your dog may experience a change in bowel movements after eating some watermelon” According to the article watermelon is not bad for dogs but as it’s different than their normal diet it could cause some short term but harmless problems.

It’s a good fact that he didn’t eat it, as I have no wish to end a blog post with the two words “dog diarrhea”

13 thoughts on “We tried doing the right thing for our dog, but as usual it backfired.

  1. A family pet of yesteryear loved honeydew melon. The family didn’t like the after effects. though it was just flatulence. Maggie likes tinned pineapple. Poor Storm. Never mind buddy, maybe you’ll get a nice juicy chew for real next time. 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh, that made me actually snort through my laughter! Storm and Sam must be brothers from a different mother because he’d rather set his fur on fire than eat ANY fruit. And thanks for not ending the post with those two words-never a good thing for blog nor yard. 😉

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  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely writing and reporting. Reading this “… the resulting police statement and Storm claims that we deceived him with a red product…”, I can imagine that neighbors and the police in Australia are more dog friendly and patient in willing to listen to and understand the dog. In contrast, in America some neighbors and the police upon seeing a big dog like Storm, they might be in shield up and preparing for shooting mode. I hope that they own a dog and become more understanding of the dog including your message of no watermelon to the dog if one doesn’t have a naughty intent.

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