The view out our window that our dog helped us create.


This is the view out the front window of our house. It’s a nice view, you can see our almond tree that has its new growth after a cold winter, you can see the law needs mowing, the gum trees in the distance and you can see the blue chair and table that belonged to my grandparents and sat out the front of their house for many years.

What’s missing? That would be the curtains. I’m certain they were there before I went to work today but apparently an unnamed Golden Retriever decided that it’s time someone pulled them violently from the window and ripped them to shreds.

It goes without saying Storm knows nothing about this injustice and he denies everything.

He always says that.

12 thoughts on “The view out our window that our dog helped us create.

  1. He is such a good dog. My two little beasts just ripped my bedroom curtains slowly into shreds and when I found one of the dogs almost strangled in them I realised that the time had come to replace them. Needless to say, the replacement curtains are very inexpensive and plain as I expect that they will also have to be replaced in due course.

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  2. Joan van Zyl says:

    Dear Storm, I was so impressed with your ingenuity that I shared your story on my own blog, which I created to teach other dogs how to give their humans a hard time! I hope you don’t mind – if you do, I’ll delete it, and if you don’t I’ll also translate it into Afrikaans for my Afrikaans blog (yes I am such a clever bilingual golden retriever!). Please let me know. You can see your escapade here: xxxx Harley Davidson van Zyl, Cape Town, South Africa

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  3. elizasemporium says:

    Get Storm signed up on TV as an “alternative” interior designer. He was obviously trying to tell you that the view from your window is fantastic and should be seen. Anyway how’s a dog supposed to hone his basic hunting skills when he is shrouded in darkness.

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  4. Joan van Zyl says:

    Hahahaha. But yes, what a lovely view. I’m wondering though that seeing there is no outside wall, how do you keep Storm from escaping down the road?


  5. nice view – so the guy is a decorator 😊
    as usual – its always somebody else creating havoc… just as well benn has only on occassions taken the bin apart in search of well needed food… you see he never gets food at home 😊

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