Our dog is a hero and we owe him our life.


We were saved by a vicious attack today, and of course Storm was the one true hero who saved us from a horrific death. We didn’t know we were under attack until Storm alerted us to the threat and luckily we are alive due to his actions.

We were sitting in the house when we heard barking outside. Barking dogs are always annoying, and the sound was frustrating me until I realised the barking was coming for our dog and not someone else’s. After going outside we found Storm’s eyes locked on to the threat as he gave it his “stay away” bark.

You’d think he had cornered a burglar? Maybe a vicious stray dog? No, he’d found a plastic bag that was stuck to the fence. In his mind this particular plastic bag was about to attack everybody in our household and only he could save us.

Our family sleeps soundly tonight, thank you Storm.


18 thoughts on “Our dog is a hero and we owe him our life.

  1. Me says:

    Hahaha our Staffy Zoey hardly ever barks at anything – I’ve only heard her do a growl (other than play growls) once, and that was when a horse in a field ran up and bit me hard on the arm…that seemed fair enough to me!

    Anyway, on the rare occasions she does a ‘danger’ bark it’s at the most ridiculous things…a Christmas stocking with a face on it, a stuffed Mario figure and when we first moved into this house the streetlights shining through our front door! A few stuffed toys with faces have freaked her out…when we get them down and show her them she approaches cautiously, realises they’re just toys and starts wagging her tail and trying to chew them XD

    Our other adult dog is a barker, and he will alert us to any ‘unusual’ noises…this includes dropping a TV remote on the floor and stubbing my toe *sigh*

    Storm is adorable 😉


  2. elizasemporium says:

    See, after all those nasty things you do to poor Storm, like bathing him, he still keeps you safe from those terrifying plastic bags. Maybe you should sign him up with the local police so he can patrol the streets keeping the world safe. Well done Storm I think an extra “treat” is called for.

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