We all turn into children when someone brings out a laser pointer.


“I know that red light from your laser pointer was here a minute ago, but now it’s disappeared?  Don’t worry, once it reappears I’ll attack and kill it.  By the way why are you watching me like that?”


8 thoughts on “We all turn into children when someone brings out a laser pointer.

  1. I saw a dog at the local dog park chasing the red dot emitted from a laser pointer operated by its owner; and I thought it might help my dog do more running. I placed an order for a laser pointer, but I cancelled it within an hour after reading about the potential negative effects that a laser pointer dog toy might cause to the dog: like accidentally pointing the laser beam to the dog’s eye or the dog’s frustration from chasing something that is not a solid object. I did have some worry for some dogs when seeing them chasing their own shadow or tail. I do enjoy reading your merit writing with fun. Thanks.

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      • “My alcholic friend always finds out where the drink is or where the Johnny Walker is hidden”: Just my kidding. From your word “… he knows where I keep it and reminds me often to bring it out.” I gather Storm is quite an energetic, active, creative dog; and I believe that the habit of being active is better than being lack of interest or not moving much. My 4 years old female Rottweiler is not very enthusatic in looking for food (or something) when she is not hugry; and she is not interested in toys. She only becomes active when being outdoors, particularly on the trails or the dog beach.

        p.s. I have also given up the thought of getting her a remote operated toy car to inhibit her desire to chase others’ toy car.

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