Our dog thinks we are stupid.


This is the face of a lair.  He didn’t actually say anything that made him dishonest but his actions betrayed the truth.   The reason Storm looks so happy in this photo is because he was accidentally fed dinner twice tonight.   An honest dog would have maybe mentioned to us that he’d already received his food tonight, but Storm just shut up about it.

There was no guilt as he gulped down his second dinner but there was a look of satisfaction as he walked away afterwards.

He thinks we are stupid.

6 thoughts on “Our dog thinks we are stupid.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is. We often accidently feed both our dogs twice all the time due to lack of communication in the household. All dogs are liars what can I say!

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  2. Crazy Uncle Mel says:

    Storm is not the only one. My cat has pulled on over on my daughter and I on several occasions. This usually happens on the weekends when we sleep in. He will wake me up to feed him, then a few hours later when my daughter gets up he will sit next to his dish meowing like he’s starving and she will feed him. Our solution: He usually devours breakfast within a few minutes. If the plate is left out the other knows he ate.

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  3. Had he had a nap in between? Dogs don’t understand the concept of ‘tomorrow’, but after every sleep, it’s the start of a new day for them, so maybe that was why he didn’t let on (either that, or it simply goes with the breed, they love food!)

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  4. elizasemporium says:

    Poor old Storm, maybe he was a bit peckish, maybe he fancied a snack. He is a growing lad after all. Would you turn down the chance of a second dinner or a snack??? I think you have read the situation wrong I think he might even have genuinely forgotten himself he had already eaten,,,,well okay maybe he is a pig and thought he’d take a chance on seconds, cheeky monkey.

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