Warning : This blog post shows a naked dog in a bathtub.


Look into the eyes of Storm. You will not see the excitement of a dog that had a good day, instead you will see regret and concern at how his day turned bad so quickly. Most people enjoy the refreshing feeling after bathing, however Storm just feels disappointed that all those wonderful scents he managed to cover himself with today after his walk have now disappeared and instead he smells like a wet blanket.

Past victories are long forgotten, the world is dark and depressing place. One day Storm will learn to love again. Not today.

I know he’ll get over this setback in his life, but for now he’s just unhappy and doesn’t understand how he ended up in a bath of warm water.

Even after the bath life has not improved for Storm.  Why did his day end so poorly?

Even after the bath life has not improved for Storm. Why did his day end so poorly?

He doesn’t know it,  but he now smells like flowers.  He’d be horrified to know, so we won’t say a word.  I don’t want to make him more depressed.

11 thoughts on “Warning : This blog post shows a naked dog in a bathtub.

  1. elizasemporium says:

    Oh that poor dog, look at him all wet and bedraggled. Why didn’t you send him to the doggy beauty parlour where he could have come out really smelling like a bouquet of flowers and all girly….He could have even had his nails painted and a pink bow in his hair,,,,,no, Well poor old Storm in my house the dogs don’t have the luxury of a bath, it’s a hose down in the yard with lots of antiseptic smelling soap, a good lather up and a rinse off in cold water, so cheer up mate at least you have a bath and nice smelling shampoo. My dog wants to know if you want to do a swap???

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  2. It’s funny how some dogs love their baths and other don’t. My Daisy would climb into the tub when I would tell her it was bath time. Then we were done with bathing, she would run around the house shaking off all the excess water.

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  3. Carole nugent says:

    I give my dogs a doggie treat after their bath and then the bath is just a distant memory or even vanishes from their memory altogether till next time, oohahaha

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  4. Oh, sweet! Poor Storm.
    Maggie doesn’t like the shower so much, but enjoys the hairdryer afterwards, she practically preens. A family pet of yesteryear didn’t like the bath bit either, but thoroughly enjoyed the drying off with the towel.
    Still, as soon as Storm’s had a sleep, it will be a new day, and you’ll be forgiven!

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