Storm trusted me but I broke that trust.


Storm said it would be ok if we post the photo of him getting weighed at the vets, but he prefer if we didn’t tell anyone how much he weighed, he’s a little self conscious about it.

As he can’t read, and I’m not bound by patient-doctor confidentiality I’ll tell you anyway. He weighs 26.1kg. If you run into him please don’t mention that you know, he would be mortified.


16 thoughts on “Storm trusted me but I broke that trust.

  1. elizasemporium says:

    It’s all about weight nowadays I don’t see anything wrong with his weight it was probably one of those “I feel bloated” days or is it time those scales were re-calibrated. I don’t think poor old Storm looks overweight. You should see my fat boys. I think he looks svelte and like one of those Crufts champions.


      • elizasemporium says:

        I know same old story , peer pressure, media stories, the need to be loved, the needing to fit in bit. I don’t know how we come out the other end of the teen years. My two dogs went through it as well but I just lied to them about their weight problem. I still do but I think they might be catching on as I call them “Fatboy” and “Smelly Belly” although these are not their real names as I’m not that cruel.

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