The dog in the window had a good day.

The doggie in tne window

Winter has finally hit. It’s finally cooling down and summer has long gone. Our Golden Retriever has never seen a winter, he was born in October last year just as the days were getting warmer so has only ever known hot days and warm nights.

This week has hit him pretty hard, he looks confused as he heads outside to a place he’s only known as warm. After taking a few steps he decides that nothing is important enough to venture to a dark and cold place, he can always hang on for later.

It’s surprising the cold has hit him so hard, it’s not actually that cold yet, and it’s an Australian cold so we won’t get snow. This frustrates me as I’d really like to see him running down a hill into a snow bank. It will never happen and this disappoints me. Storm doesn’t know about snow, I won’t tell him because he’ll only get worried.

Today is a horrible wet and cold day, and is the first time I’ve used the gas heater this year. I’ve decided to have a quiet afternoon so am watching a movie on Netflix. Storm is sleeping near the window at his usual spot. He loves that spot, it’s at the front of the house so he spends hours laying there and watching the world pass. People, cars and other dogs offer walk past and he gets to see it all.

Today he’s not enjoying it as much, I can tell he is feeling the cold and although he’s young and stupid (all young people cannot feel the cold) he is still slightly uncomfortable and only barks at the cat with slight enthusiasm rather than the psychopathic vigour he normally shows.

He was sleeping in an angry and unsatisfied way, his adult coat hasn’t fully grown yet so I could tell he was feeling the cold. But all of a sudden things changed for Storm. For the last few months he noticed some round holes in the ceiling, he couldn’t eat them or bite a chunk out of the side so he considered them useless to his needs. Today that changed. For some reason that he cannot ascertain deliciously warm air starts falling out of these holes in the ceiling. But this gets better, not only does warm air fall out but it falls in the exact place where he is trying to sleep.

Storm thinks he’s actually won the doggie version of lotto. Due to this development he now has a nice place near the window to sleep, he can look out the window at the cold rain but is covered in the warmth of the heater. Of course he doesn’t understand it’s the heater causing him this feeling of bliss, he thinks his luck has turned for the better because he has successfully hassled the cat for the last six months, and when you do heroic stuff like that then good things happen to you as a reward. All dogs know this.

This makes perfect sense to Storm, so now he is spending the afternoon asleep under the heating vent with warm air blowing down from the sky.

Does life get any better for a dog?