Teenage mutant ninja dog.


Does anybody reading this have a teenager living on their house? We have three human ones and now we have a dog teenager. They are very similar to each other in many ways, they have lanky legs that appear a little long for their bodies, they smell oddly and have no intention of following the orders of any adult.

When a human turns into a teenager it’s a gradual process but our Golden Retriever is only five months old so he went from cute little puppy to a know-it-all connoisseur of all things messy and dirty within a few weeks.  He sleeps until lunchtime, wakes up grumpy and moody and walks out the back door but doesn’t tell me where he’s going.

We’ve missed a few of the typical teenage attributes, he doesn’t play loud music around the house, has never tried alcohol and never locks himself in his bedroom for many unexplained hours.

The one common feature he does have is the typical teenager moody attitude and sullen demeanour when he doesn’t get his own way. This happens often, as we all know Golden Retrievers love eating food. It’s their most favourite thing apart from meeting people, going for walks, swimming in water, meeting people, meeting people, chasing tennis balls and sticks, meeting people and looking happy.

We don’t feed Storm food scraps from the plate, we never have. Unfortunately nobody told him of this executive decision of the household so whenever we are sitting at the dinner table eating a meal he will sit impatiently at our feet and I can tell by the look on his face that he firmly believes that today is the day when we finally change our policy, and start throwing down handfuls of delicious food from our plates.

We won’t.

He won’t accept that fact.

Then he turns into the sulky teenager who doesn’t get his own way. I guess if you look at it from his perspective we are terrible people who eat delicious meals in front of him but don’t have the common courtesy to pass some over. If he was a human teenager we’d get investigated by Child Services for our actions, especially considering we feed him dog food but he has to learn some manners.

It does get easier doesn’t it?

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