iDog vs. iPhone.


I’d get the first to admit that I’m not very good with people. I find social situations challenging and as a result enjoy my own company. For this reason I admire our Golden Retriever. He runs up to every new person he meets with an enthusiasm that is infectious. We’ve all see it in our own dogs, and the majority of us have been on the receiving end of an exceeding happy Golden who has only one wish in the world and that’s to say hello to their new “Super Awesome Best Friend Ever In Existence”

Which brings me to our dog, Storm. His is full name is actually “Stormageddon – Dark Lord of All” but if you are not a Doctor Who fan you wouldn’t understand the reference and would now fully understand why I have problems in social situations as we named our dog after a fictional character on a science fiction television program.

Anyway, Storm is your typical Golden Retriever in every way possible. He is a joyful and happy dog and has an extreme love for everybody and everything in the world. Everything apart from iPhone charger cables. He has a hatred for charger cables that is surprisingly harsh and vindictive. Storm can spot one in a crowded room, walk up to it with the face of an innocent dog and quickly destroy it with a quick snap of the neck.

I have not discussed this with him, so am unsure if he only has a hatred for Apple products or if his dislike goes for PC’s as well. I know we all had a problem with the business ethics of Steve Jobs but you need to admit this is a really weird way of showing your displeasure.

It’s sad some mornings when we walk into our backyard and see the results of his overnight actions of death and destruction. The dead bodies of Apple products on our lawn will haunt me for the rest of my life but it’s all the more worrying when you consider that he entered our bedroom while we were sleeping and silently stole the charger from the bedside table.

So far he’s only kidnapped and murdered the iPhone charger, he has not acquired the taste for the actual iPhone yet. I heard a rumour he’s waiting for the release of the iPhone 7, he read somewhere they taste delicious.


6 thoughts on “iDog vs. iPhone.

  1. mvobsession says:

    I am so so happy that you found my blog because now I have found YOURS. I am sitting here smiling up a storm (get it… You are clever and witty and obviously love your dog, and enjoy life. I picked this post to comment on because you mentioned Dr Who and my daughter Deb is a huge fan of that show so although I don’t watch it… the name popped out at me.
    Storm is gorgeous… if we didn’t have a spaniel I think we’d have a lab. Actually, our dog is our granddog but we all live together…happily I might add.
    Am looking forward to delving further into your blog, I know I missed a bunch of posts.

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  2. hello stormageddon its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to meet yoo!!! wow do yoo no the doctor??? i hav met him a fyoo times and he kindly sold me sum teknolodjee wot i yoozed in my doghowse of justiss time masheen slash spayship!!! wot kind of chardjers do yoo go for the small wuns or the jigantik wuns??? i think the jigantik wuns had a mor satisfying kruntch and am not in fayvor of the chayndj!!! ok bye


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