The day a dog surprised himself.

This is our dog. He’s a Golden Retriever, and if you’ve ever seen one you’d know what a happy dog they are. He’s roughly five months old and in the time we’ve had him he’s had a positive impact in our lives.

He’s a funny and cheeky dog, loves tennis balls and is frightened of our cats. I’ve seen him chase his own tail, follow butterflies around the backyard, trip over his own legs when trying to run with that goofy puppy look on his face, as his ears flap from side to side and a thousand other little things that makes him the individual that he is.

This story does have a point, I’m not just rambling on about how cool our dog is. He is currently asleep at my feet as I watch a movie on TV, and he just did another “first” that I wouldn’t be so proud of. It’s a quite afternoon, I just arrived home from work so thought I’d sit down for a bit and relax.

My wife is out and the kids are at school so is just me and the dog for a few hours.

He farted so loudly in his sleep he woke himself up and looked around the room with a confused look on his face. A few seconds later the smell hit him, and he looked really worried. So did I as my eyes started burning and I quickly decided that having my lunch would not be the best plan.

I honestly don’t think he knew where the smell came from, he was searching around trying to find the source and just gave up after a few minutes. He’s gone back to sleep now, maybe he’ll wake up later and just think it was a bad dream but I’ll know the truth.

I don’t think I’m hungry anymore


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