The day our dog decided the rules don’t apply to him.

A guilty puppy

This is a story about deceit and disappointment. Some people look at this photo and see our cute puppy sitting in an enclosure in our back yard. He looks a little embarrassed but still a happy and healthy puppy.

I don’t see any of that, I see an evil and vindictive dog who has violently attacked our lawn, harassed it to the point of death while digging holes for his own selfish enjoyment.  In a vain attempt to save our lawn I built a temporary fence around the defenceless lawn until it had time to recover.

The purpose of the temporary fence was to keep our puppy out, yes you did read that correctly. If you drew on a map of our backyard all the areas where the dog was allowed to be, this fenced off area would not be a part of this area.

It’s a pretty simple concept to understand so I left him out the back for a short time to acclimatise to the new procedure.

Due to a clerical error during his initial briefing on the subject he misunderstood when I said to keep away from the fenced off area as “I can do whatever the hell I like, so don’t tell me what to do”. He further told us that “I thank you for replanting the grass, I will now dig another hole to ensure the grass roots are firmly facing up in the air away from the dirt and moisture, thanks for allowing me inside this fence”

I’m beginning to think we don’t speak the same language or have the same social standards when it comes to lawn care.

I doubt he cares, but at least he looks happy while he destroys our backyard one hole at a time.


3 thoughts on “The day our dog decided the rules don’t apply to him.

  1. We live in Miami, FL. Our plants grow all year and are, or were, beautiful. My mother worked really hard on turning our yard, which used to be only grass and one big tree, into a nice pretty yard. Then Klaus and Sunny came in to our house. Our old dog, Dancer, loved the garden and left it alone. Sunny and Klaus had other ideas. My mom was sad. We too made a no dogs rule. Well, they can go out there on a leash or with one of us to watch them. This is okay because now they get four big walks instead of two every day. And we go to the dog park more for them to run. My mom is happy now.

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