It’s not a good idea to bite the cat, he might not like it.


In his defence I don’t blame him for what happened. In the same situation I might have done the same thing. It was a strange day for him but I believe he has leaned from the experience.

Might be best to tell the story from his perspective. Imagine for a moment that you are a 15 week old puppy asleep on the floor. You have had a good day doing puppy stuff, running around the house, destroying the plants in the back garden, leaving doggie “land mines” in various locations on the lawn and slobbering water from your bowl all over the kitchen. But now it’s time to sleep.

You’ve found a nice place to sleep in a high traffic area of the house. Everybody has to walk over you as you sleep, but as you are a dog you don’t notice such inconvenience, you sleep soundly. After a short time you half wake up and roll over and begin going back to sleep. But then you see something out the corner of your eye. What is it you ask yourself? It appears to be a cat tail, and strangely enough it is attached to a cat.

But there is something different about this cat tail. Yes, that’s it…it’s rubbing up against your face because they cat is unaware of your current location, or more likely doesn’t care.

Was I wrong to bite it, you ask yourself? I don’t think so, it wasn’t a serious bite and I have no intention of doing any real damage. I just wanted to show love towards the cat and I saw an opportunity to show this love. I’m a puppy and I always do this sort of thing, it’s just playing and those around me always understand.

This time they didn’t understand.

Why did the cat turn around and swipe me? What did I do wrong? I’m the victim and now the cat thinks I’m the perpetrator. He doesn’t look happy, it doesn’t make sense and now I’m confused.

I think I better go to back to sleep, maybe this is just all a bad dream?


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