Some crazy customs that I don’t understand.


Recently I’ve acquired an irrational hatred of chopping boards. This is only a recent thing and for once it wasn’t my fault. As I write this I’m sitting in a nice little cafe I regularly eat at, and as I look around the room it’s not hard to notice that the latest fashion while eating out is to serve meals on chopping boards.

What happened to dinner plates? What make people look at a simple device that has served society for thousands of years and think that their simplicity is so convenient that they need to make it more complex and confusing?

I tried some lamb recently at a restaurant and when the waitress walked over to my table with my meal my excitement faded quickly when the food arrived on a chopping board. Why would they do such a thing? What benefit is there? I’ll tell you the answer – none. All it did was cause disappointment to my otherwise perfect day and make the meal spill over the side of the board onto the table.

I know as a society we are facing a lot of serious problems at the moment, the economy is in free fall, climate change is damaging the planet and Kim Kardashian is still alive. I know we will overcome these problems with time but I don’t think we can do it effectively without stopping the outrage that is chopping boards.

Weird things are occurring within the food industry that I don’t fully understand. The photo at the top of this page is from our lunch recently. The battered fish was delicious but again they decided that a simple plate was not good enough to serve the chips. Instead they served them in a frying basket. This bullshit needs to stop now, it’s unnecessary, silly and because I don’t like it they should change it.

I urge you to fight this important battle with me, the dinner plate industry needs us and our food deserves better.

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