The day Princess Diana stole my lunch.

After many years I think I’m over the fact that the word lasagne is spelt with a “g”. We all know it serves no purpose and it’s a mystery. It adds nothing to the word and I doubt the world would be any worse off if we just dropped it. Luckily I’ve learnt to live with this mystery letter, I don’t eat lasagne and very rarely do I have to write the word down so it’s not a major issue in my life.

Other things however do annoy me. Some events from my childhood still annoy and haunt me to this day despite me trying to get past the horrific events that haunt my dreams. Like any traumatic event that would haunt a person for over thirty years it involves the Royal Family and my lunch.

I even know the exact date of this event. The 29th of October 1985.

For some reason Princess Diana and Prince Charles decided to visit the city where I grew up. Of course for a small town Diana and Charles visiting was the biggest event to occur since Charles found out who Harry’s real father was so it was massive.

As our school was on the way from the airport to the city the royal family had to drive past. The entire school lined up for hours near the highway out the front of our school, waiting for the chance to see those famous people from the TV who have a historic habit of getting married to relatives.

The actual event was uneventful due to the crowds of school children and the 80km/h speed limit that made the procession pass very quickly, so all I saw was a silhouette of someone who to this day I could not tell if it was Charles or Diana. I can confirm they were wearing a dress, don’t know if that means anything.

What happened afterwards is when things turn nasty and still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. When I mentioned everyone in the school was waiting to see the royal family I really do mean everybody. The students, teachers, cleaners and the nice lady who ran the canteen.

Now you know why I was so stressed. After the procession sped away down the road and the school bell went off announcing lunch time I turned around and headed to the canteen to pick up my lunch.

However as the canteen lady was watching the royal family drive past she had not prepared our lunch.

I’m not say any developmental delays I might suffer from are a direct result of the actions of my not receiving my lunch that school day when I was eleven years old but I will say it’s made it much easier for me to decide if Australia should be a Republic.

It’s good I don’t hold a grudge.


One thought on “The day Princess Diana stole my lunch.

  1. Steve says:

    That was my Eleventh Birthday. My Mum made my lunch that day. I know that, because I only lived a block from School, and went home for Lunch. I didn’t get to see Charles & Diana. Bloody Pommie bastards wouldn’t detour 200km to the East to visit.


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