I’m outraged.

The media loves saying people are outraged. It doesn’t matter what the topic, a community playground that was painted the wrong colour, a celebrity that said something that went against the hive mind of public opinion or worse still someone who said something nice about One Direction.

I’ve hardly ever seen anybody in real life actually get outraged. I see plenty of crazy people, in fact some would say I’m one of them but I’ve never actually seen a person who was outwardly outraged in the way the media portrays.

Actually I’m wrong. While walking down a busy city street recently I saw a man walking along grunting to himself that the Government was reading his mind and the street lights were watching him. He was outraged, and a little paranoid, but he was actually outraged.

The media talks everything up in a vain attempt to get an emotional reaction out of us. The sad thing is it often works, they use their version of click-bait journalism to keep us scare and stupid, and we keep coming back for more. It’s a vicious cycle like a really pathetic drug habit, but according to worldwide TV ratings it’s not working anymore.

If everything is outrageous then nothing is, and it appears people are not feeling the same outrage that the media wants us to. We are now at peak outrage so might have to turn elsewhere to get upset over mundane events.

We are all turning off the TV, especially the younger generation who get the majority of their entertainment from the Internet and not the box in the corner of their lounge room.

If I owned a TV station that would be a real reason to be outraged.


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