Liechtenstein – Truth or Fiction?

I don’t normally follow conspiracy theories, man walked on the moon, September 11th was not an inside job, climate change is real, Princess Diana got into a car with a drunk driver and I can be certain the majority of our world leaders are not lizards (apart from a few notable exceptions)

One conspiracy theory that I know is correct is the little know theory that Liechtenstein is a real country. Look at the evidence, Liechtenstein has a wikipedia page so it must be true, right? No, using that theory Modor is a also a real place and absurdly so is Adelaide. Crazy stuff.

It’s easy to disprove the existence of Liechtenstein, all you need to do is look at the truth.

1. Arrogance.
If you think Liechtenstein is a real place then you just don’t want to see the truth. Sheeple. Look around you and see the truth, your friends are lying to you and cannot be trusted.

2. Relentlessness.
No matter what evidence I give you, you will still believe it’s a real place.

3. Inability to answer questions.
Have you ever visited Liechtenstein? Do know anybody else we has visited? Have you seen a photo of Liechtenstein? Can you prove it wasn’t photoshopped? Do you believe those who have visited? Were they on any medication that could cloud their judgement? Are they idiots? If you answer “yes” to any of these them you need to rethink what you believe.

4. Inability to understand Occam’s Razor.
Occam’s Razor is a principal that states that the simplest explanation is the most plausible. Let me ask you this, what sounds more plausible to you. Either Liechtenstein is a real country with a population of roughly 38,000 people, Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Principality as a form of Government, 160 square kilometres of land mass and a Prime Minister called Adrian Hasler or it’s just a made up country that parents in Switzerland and Austria tell their children exists so they don’t go bushwalking on weekend?

What do you think is more likely? I don’t even know what a “Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Principality” is so therefore it mustn’t be true.

5. Inability to tell good evidence from bad.
If you google the phrase “Liechtenstein facts” then many webpages come up. One page I visited stated “Liechtenstein is a great place to visit and many people do….” If this website was in fact telling the truth then don’t you think you’d personally know someone who had visited there? But instead you don’t know a single person who has done such a crazy thing. I bet you can’t even find it on a map.

Another site said “There are a large number of souvenirs and presents typical of Liechtenstein…” Yet despite many hours researching this topic I couldn’t come up with a single example.

What are they trying to hide, and why are they so lazy with their evidence?

6. Using previous conspiracies as evidence to support their claims.
Asgard, Avalon, Camelot, El Dorado, Garden of Hesperides, Jotunheim, Mount Olympus, Muspelheim, Nysa, Purgatory, Shambhala, Shangri-La, Themiscyra, Valhalla and Xibalba.

Please note, just because these other fictional places are in alphabetical order and also appear on a Wikipedia list of mythological places that I just read is purely coincidental.

Just sit back for a minute and think about this issue logically, use your common sense and ignore any logical fallacies I may have used. I’m not a qualified historian but I’ve done many hours of research on this subject and sat next to a man on bus once who agreed with me so I’m therefore correct.

If you with to do a rebuttal to this article please don’t bother, you don’t see the world from my perspective and I’ll just discount your evidence and claim you are a part of the conspiracy. I’m right because of String Theory, Quantum Theory, the Theory of Gravity or something else that sounds related but actually is not.

Thanks for your time reading this, and don’t forget to stay strong against those who are trying to mislead you.


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