I forgot what this is about.

Luckily for me I have an autonomic nervous system. It’s lucky because I have a terrible memory and if it wasn’t for my autonomic nervous system telling my brain to breath I’m certain I’d forget one day and just keel over dead.

Of course I do remember other important things like babies are not dishwasher safe but I have a terrible memory and have forgotten major events in my life but at least Facebook remind me when I look back in my feed. For example I remembered recently that I have three children because I read about it on Facebook. It certainly clarifies why these strange kids are hanging around, not paying rent and they seem to know who I am.

I’ve never had a test for Alzheimer’s disease (that I remember) but I have so many memories that I’d love to forget. Why can’t those embarrassing or bad memories disappear from my brain? You know the ones, I’m certain we all have them, events from our past that we’d rather forget but instead spring up to the top of our conscious when we are busy doing something else.

But here’s the thing, your brain doesn’t care about what memories are important to you. We store memories in two parts; information and emotion. It takes time for our brain to start reproducing emotion after you pull some file from memory.

You can use that short period to switch thoughts to something different without evoking negative thoughts. That’s a great idea in theory but whenever I have memories of those awkward moments in High School over twenty years ago the negative thoughts about social embarrassment take over and I start cringing.

It’s interesting how bad memories fall away but the good memories stay with you. Think back to your first serious relationship, for whatever reason you broke up and moved on but do you remember why? As time goes on we forget the bad times and gloss over the event and forget what a psychotic crazy persons your ex was. I know she was, your mates told me.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit here and I’d like to finish up my making a really good point that will make you think a bit, but I forgot what it was.


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