Why don’t people like me?

Someone lied to me yesterday. It was someone who I believed I could trust but I was wrong. It started at the supermarket, a location where all good stories never start but it ended in heartbreak.

I go to this supermarket often and the register operator always greats me with the normal western civilisation greetings that I don’t need to repeat here as we all know what it is. It normally ends with a farewell message once we have exchanged retails products for money.

It’s normally a pleasant but mundane experience which I’m sure we all do every week, but this time the illusion of the entire retail experience has fallen down around me and my life has lost meaning.

I was waiting it line for the register and was horrified by what I heard. What the register operator said will haunt me to my last days.

An elderly man was in front of me and the operator turned to him and asked “how is your day going?” I was shocked. I was outraged. I was upset. Everything in my mind went silent and I couldn’t process anything for a few minutes. I finally came around only to hear him say “have a good day” as the customer walked away.

It’s not right, I always felt special when anybody who worked in the retail environment took a personal interest in me and asked how my day was going. Now I find out it was all a bit fat lie and they do it to everybody, I’m not special, I not unique and unfortunately I’m just like all the other suckers lining up in stores to buy crap we don’t need.

I’ve lost faith in society, the only thing holding me together is that according to the Internet there are hot women in my area wanting to meet up.

I better not tell. To wife about that one.


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