Why didn’t I just post this on Facebook?

Have you every heard of a single person with strong political beliefs who saw meme on Facebook and based on what they read the changed their entire believe system? Has it every worked for the atheism versus religion debate?

If you haven’t then it begs the question why do people bother doing this? It’s a problem that causes unnecessary disputes between friends when you realise your best mate supports your political enemy, has become a paid up member of ISIS or worse still supports the crazy anti vaccination community.

To make it easier and to solve conflict I think it would be best if we make a list of truths that everybody can agree on.

– Doctors don’t base medical treatment based on Facebook ‘likes’
– Doctor Oz is an idiot who doesn’t know much about Doctor stuff .
– That guy you hate on tv from that political party is not an idiot, he just says idiotic things sometimes. So does your guy.
– if any Facebook post starts with the words “you can’t believe…” Then it’s likely you can.
– If you repost a meme on the promise of good luck then you should be put to death (ironically this is unlucky)
– Everything I believe in politically and spiritually should be permitted.

Pretty sure that settles the issue once and for all.


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