A few reasons why Christmas cards are stupid.

It’s the start of December which means it’s Christmas Card season. I don’t understand Christmas cards, it’s an old tradition that’s slowly dying out, replaced by technology and the disdain for preprepared greetings on pieces of overpriced cardboard.

If I want to ignore someone all year then I’ve done that for a reason, getting a single card once a year to confirm that you are still alive does not cut it for me.

Having said that there is nothing better than arriving home from work and checking the mailbox for those cards over the Christmas period. It’s happening at the moment, our household has received five Christmas cards over the last few days which was nice.

The only problem is all five of the cards are from Real Estate agents and I’ve yet to receive one from a real person. I’m not saying Real Estate agents aren’t real people, although I’d love to see some scientific research confirming this fact but it is a little depressing.

I wonder what the estate agents are thinking? Do they believe that although I’ve lived in my house for over ten years I’d consider selling up and and moving on a whim because I’d received a generic card from a guy who likes mass mailings of Christmas cards?

To tell you the truth, I probably would. As long as the kids don’t know where I’ve moved to.

One thought on “A few reasons why Christmas cards are stupid.

  1. Hi, we didn’t get any Christmas cards this year. None. Not even from real estate agents. Our kids, on the other hand, received about 30 each – all with candy canes attached. I think I’m moving in the wrong crowds.


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