Shut up, this is serious.

We’ve all suffered heartbreak and suffering in our lives. It may be the death of a love one, the loss of an important friendship or relationship or something less tangible such as a feeling of lack of security.

I am currently going through such a loss, it’s something that I will never get back. I will judge my life differently today, as a time after this major life event took place.

You might have guessed what has occurred, and unfortunately you are right. My favourite cafe is closing down. You may think I am overreacting at such a simple thing, but if you do then it makes you a horrible uncaring person who obviously brings no positivity to my life.

I’ve included a photo of my final coffee, I wish I had the ability to write a touching comment about how this coffee is symbolic of the loss that I am suffering today but no words could portray the grief that I am suffering.

I hope one day I can live a normal life and be the person I was before this event, and hopefully after some grief counselling, serious introspection and facing up to some hard truths about myself I can. That day is not today, and I doubt it will be for a long time.

One day memories will fade I’ll be able to move on and be able to buy coffee elsewhere, but I’m not ready yet, memories are too fresh in my mind and Its just not time.

Actually who am I kidding, it’s only fucking coffee. It’s not as if there is a shortage of cafes in Melbourne. I’m certain I’ll find a new one tomorrow.


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