When doing the wrong thing is sometimes the right thing.

Have you ever discovered some news that makes you exceedingly happy? I don’t just mean news that causes that slight smile in the side of your mouth when you hear your enemy was just pushed down some stairs? No I’m talking about wonderful news that makes you giggle out loud despite the social embarrassment that would cause because you are not a twelve year old girl at a One Direction concert.

This happened to me….apart from the crappy One Direction part and it was the best news I’d heard in a long time. It was a childhood dream come true and even after a couple of days I’m having problems understanding the implications of what i now know.

I might need some help with this discovery and that’s why I’m telling you what I’ve found. It’s a simple discovery, I now know the location where a Mr Whippy van is parked at night time. You may scoff at my discovery and joy at this news but you are wrong.

I don’t actually have a plan about what I going to do, and I’m certain that I’ll never actually do it anyway as it will most likely end in arrest and me stumbling from a courthouse on the nightly news with a bag covering my face to hide my identity.

But at other times I imagine myself laying under the nozzle of the soft serve ice cream dispenser at midnight after everybody else has gone to bed, in much the same way Homer Simpson would.

The resulting diabetes would be worth the sacrifice.

Sometimes we all should live our dreams, no matter the costs, I just need a plan.


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