A short discussion on why I love North Korea and hate Democracy.

I know the democratic process has its problems. I think it was Winston Churchill who said it was the worse form the Government, except all the others. Sometimes our side wins election and we cheer from the sidelines with the faint hope that things will actually change for the better. Of course they don’t but we always hold out for tomorrow.

We have a State Election today in Victoria. Two knuckheads are fighting each other over the right to lead the state, while promising policies that they have no intention of following through with after they win.

I’ve always wanted to believe what Winston Churchill said, and have enjoyed the fact that I live in a country which allows free an fair election without the risks of personal injury from those who oppose my right to vote.

Now I’ve changed my mind, I don’t like democracy anymore. Countries like North Korea, Burma and Turkmenistan have my tick of approval. They know how to do things and I might go down tomorrow to get a visa for an extended stay.

I believed in everything about democracy but after this single issue I firmly believe something is fundamentally wrong.

It’s because of the polling booth, or more particularly that polling booth across the road from my house. We live near a Primary School and normally it’s a nice quiet street with few cars passing during school pickup time but today every single car in Melbourne has decided to park, beep their horns and generally make my life unpleasant.

I haven’t actually needed to go outside today so have not personally suffered any stress due to this traffic problem but I’m fighting for the principal to not be stuck unnecessary in temporary traffic jams.

I just don’t think it’s worth this sacrifice to allow us to live in a democracy, I doubt this sort of thing occurs in North Korea so maybe the dictatorship, mass starvations and states sponsored executions are worth the resulting excellent traffic flow?

Maybe I should speak to my local member of Parliament about which form I have to fill out for us to be dictatorship. That’s of course assume he wins the election today.


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