How to look dignified and why it’s so difficult.

I’m not normally one to say controversial things just to get an emotional reaction out of people, that would be immature and just causes distress for no real benefit. I understand that some people enjoy doing such a thing and I look down at them because all they are doing is making conflict where none actually exists for their own amusement.

I firmly believe however there is one issue that needs to be spoken about out in the open and not behind closed doors. It’s an opinion that will divide the community and maybe has no correct answer.

My issue has to do with food, and more specifically pies. You better be sitting down for this because it’s big.

Square pies taste better than round ones.

There, I’ve said it, for as long as I can remember I’ve firmly believed that a square pie tastes much better than a round one. Despite the cold hard truth that both shaped pies are make from the exact same pastry and undefined meat products it’s just a lot more satisfying to chew into a square pie.

Some may call me intolerant, but you cannot deny by claim is based in reality.

An interesting fact about pies no matter what shape they are is it is physically impossible to look dignified while eating a one. For the 10 minutes it takes to consume a pie you need to throw away any self respect you have as pastry and pieces of meat falls down the front of your shirt and you wipe away food from around your mouth in the same way an infant doesn’t know how to.

However you look more dignified eating a square one.


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