I’d name him Karl or Annika.

Anybody know if it’s legal to own a camel? I’d love to buy one and let him live in our backyard. I’m thinking of buying a pet and think it would be pretty cool animal to have. He would be great for keeping the grass short, supply heaps of fertiliser for the garden and I could train it to spit on people I don’t like. Of course I’d need a taller fence.

When cash gets a little short I could charge the local kids for camel rides and I heard somewhere you can drink camel milk. I doubt I’ll be a fan of milking a camel but maybe if I get drunk enough beforehand then I’ll give it my best shot.

The best thing about this plan is once Karl outlives his amusement we can slaughter him and feed the family camel steaks for a while. He’d be the pet that keep on giving.

Does anybody know if camel meat is gluten free?


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