My problem with giraffes.

I’m certain it’s common knowledge by now that the main reason the African continent is so dry is because giraffes are so tall they drink the water from clouds before it has a chance to fall as rain.

It has to seriously make you ask the question whether a solution to the reduced rainfall over the last few years to kill all giraffes? It’s not as if we’d miss them anyway, I’ve never seen one in real life apart from in a zoo, and even then I doubt it was a real. I’m certain it was an animatronic robot giraffe, mainly because I really want to see an animatronic robot giraffe but more logically because it was just standing there doing nothing so I assumed it had a flat battery or was rebooting.

I know you’ll all want mention the old phrase in scientific circles that correlation does not imply causation and therefore it would be wrong for me to blame giraffes for climate change but how about we all be honest about this argument – it’s not as if we are prepared to take responsibility for climate change ourselves, so why not blame someone else?


3 thoughts on “My problem with giraffes.

  1. Chris Oliver says:

    As the person who introduced me to Pastafarianism, you may have forgotten that the lack of rain, therefore, global warming is due to the decreasing number of Pirates.
    Doesn’t everybody know this!?


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