Is it worth buying a coffee for those you don’t like?

There are things in the world I don’t understand that maybe I should. For example despite successfully finishing High School I honestly don’t quite know what a trapezoid is. I’m certain it’s type of South American mammal that lives in trees but as I haven’t done a lot of travel overseas I can’t confirm this fact.

Another obvious issue with traveling to South America is the other creatures that I know actually do live in rainforests. Like any normal person I scream
like a little girl whenever I’m within attacking distance of a spider, no matter what size, shape or political views.

I really have to get over this fear, it doesn’t make sense as I doubt spiders have the same emotional dislike of me despite my genocidal preposition to murder their extended families. Because of this next time I see a spider I will attempt to overcome this fear by reaching out to my enemy. I will try taking him out for a coffee and having a good chat, It will be good to see things from his perspective and maybe I’ll see things in a different light.

Maybe eating insects is actually a wonderful and satisfying way to consume food and when I walk into a spiders web while thrashing my arms about in misguided fear is wrong, because although it does show the world I’m a really bad dancer it also means that I’ve made an innocent spider homeless.

This will be a long term goodwill exercise between species and we will all benefit from this due to a greater understanding and tolerance.

Huntsman spiders will not be invited. These little bastards have no social boundaries, one crawled over me while I was sleeping years ago (rape), one watched my having a shower once eating a cockroach (pervert with an eating disorder) and they frighten people unnecessarily with their huge size.

They can go to hell, even if they agree to pay for the coffee.


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