When you can’t trust those around you.

Infidelity is a terrible thing, it damages relationships and at the end of the day nobody is a winner. Today I had an incident that I feel bad for, something that I’ll regret for a long time and something that I wish I could go back in time and do again the correct way.
I’m pretty sure we can all say that when we fill our car up with petrol we all have our preferred petrol pump at our favourite petrol station (go with me here guys) I’ve personally bonded with Bowser 15 at the 7/11 on the corner of Miller Road and Kororiot Road in Altona North.  We often secretly meet up roughly once a week on the way home for work and we exchange fluids for cash (this is completely legal). It’s a win for both sides and I have no shame.

However today after an unfortunate occurrence I feel a little dirty. It started normally when the petrol light appeared on my dashboard. I pulled into 7/11 as normal, but was horrified to see that my petrol bowser was cheating on me with another car. This cheap and nasty car was sitting in my spot and the bowser hose was inside the fuel tank. I won’t explain here exactly what I saw but it was very graphic.
I was obviously upset, and I hate to admit here, but in my moment of weakness I used bowser 14 instead. Pretty sure I’m the victim here as I wasn’t the one who had my bowser hose stuck up a Ford Territory.

I’m devastated and hope that I can trust again.


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